Because of the mild climate of this region, fishing in Lake Vrana is possible
throughout the year. In the fishing world is dominated by Lake Vrana
fishing carp, pike, and catfish.

-For fishing carps are mainly well-known methods (corn, bojle)
the previous diet. In the period from 01.04-31.05 prohibited fishing
For fishing-pike and catfish are used proven methods: varaličarenje and
-Kederi as bait may be used only if they are caught in the very
-closed season for pike in the period from 01.02. – 31.03.
-closed season for catfish during the period from 16.04 .- 15.06
Eel-fishing is a protected species and is strictly eel fishing
-Vrana Lake is a nature park, protected, and valuable area in which
Special rules apply where the behavior should be especially careful to toss
waste, the use of open flames and the like.
– For detailed information about sport fishing and behavior
the nature park can be obtained in a Public Institution Nature Park
Vrana number: 023 383 181

All types of fishing permits (daily, three days, a week …) can be obtained
directly on the lake, it is permissible to use two sticks and night fishing is
allowed in the period 15.05. – 15.09. on specially marked places.
Fishing is possible from shore and boat. In case of need, our guests
rent 4 m long boat with 5 hp motor, giving helpful tips
fishing, a variety of baits and a chest with a deep freeze.

Regulations – Fishing